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Dustin has had a passion for tools ever since he can remember. Although not an ideal child’s toy, Dustin prefered hammer and nails to dinosaurs and trucks. As a young man he landed work as a building operator at the dorms of a university. He then moved onto residential repairs and renovations..After moving to Virginia Beach, he worked in home exteriors. This  array of experience helped him become a complete home repair specialist. That’s when home mender incorporated was born.


Dustin operated the home repair company in Hampton roads Virginia for over a decade when he began filming and creating “ how to” videos for the home mender youtube channel. His cut to the chase style and humorous delivery has helped countless home owners and tradesman gain the confidence to do it themselves. With over twenty years of experience, that’s a lot of homes mended. Not only are viewers saving money on their investment but they can now take care of what’s needed in the home while some beginners and tradesmen have felt empowered to start their own home repair companies. Let’s get to it! 

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