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Welcome to

The Home Menders Community

Since launching my YouTube channel in 2012, I have had the joy of helping millions of homeowners, single moms, home repair beginners and do-it-yourselfers grow their knowledge and gain the confidence to fix things around their homes... THEMSELVES!


Your continued viewership and support have been what developed the launching pad for the “Home Menders” community. 


Now it's time to truly get connected and grow your mending skills. 

It's time you OWN your home!


Why You Should Join Home Menders

  • Have access to all types of tradesmen for tips, tricks and advice.

  • A place where home owners, "do it yourselfers" and beginners can learn to fix anything under the roof, and the roof, too. 

  • Upload pictures, ask questions and find answers!

  • Unlimited access to home repair specialists’ trade secrets and pricing.

  • A community to help encourage you to reach your full home mending potential. 

  • Get the knowledge you need to do the job with confidence

  • Ensure a "ROCK SOLID" home repair foundation to build on.

  • Need help laying out a project or not sure where to start? Just ask.

This COMMUNITY would not be possible without you!