When Becoming a Complete Home Repair Specialist You Can:

Fix anything in your home, renovate your property or flip houses.

Be your own boss

Make your own schedule

Afford vacations and the time off to enjoy them

Triple your current income

If you're already in the business, you are already making this kind of money, but for someone else. Time to step out and do something great for yourself.


Course Takeaways


  • Become a complete home repair specialist 

  • Learn to own and operate  your own home repair business

  • Learn how to look at a job and provide a detailed competitive estimate

  • Learn in and out efficiency, Follow through and how to turn completed jobs into income.

  • Be  confident and equipped to tackle any task under your roof, and the roof, too

  • Gain FULL confidence in your repair skills

  • Be knowledgeable about most repairs in a home 

  • Have a speedy return on investment

  • Have means of steady income with money to share!


The knowledge I gained from working with Dustin is invaluable, I can now walk into a house and essentially there is nothing I can't accomplish. He taught me to install doors, floors, cabinets, countertops, replace rotten wood, the list goes on. As a result I now run my own successful company, he will push you, make you think for yourself, and at the time you may not like it. However, looking back at the amount of knowledge I gained from him is remarkable.


JC Home Repair and Remodeling. 

Additional Bonuses

In addition to having the skills and knowledge to run your own company, 

you receive lifetime access to the Home Menders community, where Home Menders just like you can share experiences and find solutions to issues in the mighty network and have access to the Home Menders price guide.